The right side above is the front of the brochure (left side is the back with the emphasis being the home's Green construction) developed for this unique Willow Glen Home. In this case, the home's designer also received credit for his work on the cover of the brochure. He preferred writing his own text and we worked together as a team to produce the 11x17 brochure for his home.

The inside of the brochure for this home stressed the desirable neighborhood - Palm Haven - that the home is situated in and, as with most of my work, leaned heavily on photographs and light on copy. This is a style that is liked by most of my clients, however, in the case a client wants more wording than photographs - I can and will meet any style and content desired.

For higher end homes, a three panel (11" x 25.5" tri-fold) brochure is often used. The front of this brochure is on the right; the inside fold is on the left and the back is in the center.