Coldwell Banker provides standard cards, however, for those realtors who want to leave a unique and lasting impression, a standard format-based card will not do the job. The solution is to create a business card with a professional photograph (in this case by Tommy Wu of with the color and style that fit the individual realtor's personality and desired image.

New to the real estate industry, however, not new to being successful in business, Gary Wallace, JD., is also pursuing the affluent Chinese-American market. This is the backside of his business card designed by Mark Gillard Real Estate Marketeer.

Michael LoMonaco is one of the savviest marketers in the business. He wanted to have a style of card for his team that reflected professionalism and progressive marketing. The original look and feel were created by Michael Coman, then, of GENERATE Design and adapted by Mark Gillard to fit the LoMonaco Team's business card needs. Photo by Tommy Wu of Card Design by Mark Gillard Real Estate Marketeer

Michelle LoMonaco O'Neal is an integral part of the LoMonaco Team. Her incredible attention to detail, project management skills and vibrant, warm personality set her apart from many realtors in this competitive field. Though her business card is of the same style as her brother Michael, her photographer – who truly captured her essence – is Gina Staffiery of ImagesByG.

The LoMonaco Team takes a very practical approach to their marketing. On the backside of their cards – specially printed so that the back is not glossy or hard to write on – they write their appointments and leave their 'faces' with their clients until they meet again.

Bill Lister is the Number One Coldwell Banker Realtor in Los Gatos. He became number one through integrity, strong negotiating skills and sophisticated marketing. His photo was taken by Tommy Wu of

Bill invests in the marketing of each of his listings to the fullest extent possible - from staging to high quality brochures - print media advertising to public relations. His business card is truly a marketing piece...Work With A Winner! He lets people know that he brings a wealth of client and industry connections to every sale by implying he is 'the winner' that they should be listing their home with and he's allowed to use the higher-end Previews logo due to his sales leadership.

"It's Not What You Get, It's What You Give". Bill's approach to his clients is encapsulated in those words. His success has been built on what he has given his clients and his community at large. This kind of statement adds to his positioning as the leading realtor for clients considering his services.