This home included the contractor's logo as part of the design as he was involved in the ownership of the property and had done a beautiful re-design of the home substantially increasing its value. Incorporating the solar panel roof shot immediately impressed potential buyers with the Green nature of the home, though it appears from the front to be very traditional. The light post fixture reminds potential buyers of the desirable neighborhood – Palm Haven in Willow Glen – in which the home is situated.

It's all about the home. Photographs speak a thousand words they say, so copy is kept at a minimum. Photographs that remind potential buyers of homes are made prominent along with the realtor's contact information.

This home had been on the market recently enough that the changes done to the home were its selling point.

Some homeowners and realtors prefer a brief, bulleted laundry list of the home's features.

This flyer was designed to promote a vacation rental property.