Mark Gillard Real Estate Marketeer provides results-directed, solution-oriented work with creative excellence to discerning real estate professionals in the South and East Bay with some service to San Francisco as well. The agency's principal owner, Mark Gillard, brings old-fashioned customer service and common sense to his clients coupled with the latest use of photography, design and marketing technologies.

In an ever-growing competitive industry, realtors must present marketing materials that tout their unique strengths and the special qualities of their listings in order to be successful. Mark Gillard enjoys working with each and every client in his or her journey to success. Whether you are new to the profession or a seasoned realtor, your business will benefit from adding the design, marketing and photography of Mark Gillard to your professional portfolio.

Beginning work as State Senator Henry Mello's Santa Cruz field office administrator, Mark Gillard honed his public relations skills and knows how to leverage free press whenever possible. From this beginning, he also developed an unparalleled ability to convey in layman's terms the complexities of a variety of industries including real estate. He began his real estate marketing career at the Los Gatos Weekly in 1982 successfully working to create Cornish & Carey's positioning in the Los Gatos market at the time. In 1993, Mark Gillard started Piper's Vision Marketing and Design. Piper's Vision, Inc. soon became a real estate industry leader in the production of effective, high quality marketing materials with a keen focus on response and return on investment. To simplify his business, Gillard closed the corporation in 2009 and now works under his own name.

Take a moment to view the few select materials presented on this website and you will see the kind of insight and commitment to quality that Mark Gillard Real Estate Marketeer consistently brings to his clients. Contact Mark Gillard today for a complimentary consultation.