Often times a single photograph may convey the essence of a listing without showing a specific room. Some convey the lifestyle of those who live there.
Some capture the craftsmanship of a home. While they are not stand-alone photographs, they convey a great deal in the context of a promotional piece.


The most commonly used photograph is generally of the front of the home being marketed. They say curb appeal is everything. The photographer's challenge
is to lend the best perspective to the curb appeal of the home in front of his or her lens.


Exterior photographs put the home in context with its surroundings as well as its outdoor amenities. Sometimes an exterior shot of the back of a home best describes the home itself.


"Homes are sold and not sold based on two things", said one successful realtor, "kitchens and bathrooms." Here are some outstanding kitchens:


Living rooms – especially those with the added warmth of a fireplace – are the heart of most upscale Bay Area homes.


Dining rooms are generally designed for a rectangular table that is often long. The rooms themselves are, therefore, often narrow and the challenge of the photographer is to make them look as expansive as possible.


Master bedrooms have become resort-like suites in today's busy world. The best of them take their owners to a quiet, calming place of nurture and warmth.


Master bathrooms are like mini-spas in high-end homes. Most baths are jetted and surrounded by beautiful views – countertops are made of the finest marble and stone.


Finally, though some exterior photographs have already been shown, the back yards of many homes in the sunny Bay Area are additional rooms for entertaining and relaxing during the spring, summer and fall.