Mark Gillard Real Estate Marketeer Maintains These Core Values In Doing Business:

1.) All work is results-directed. You're not working with a design prima donna with Mark Gillard. You're working with someone who will meet and surpass your design style and expectations with the bottom line of maintaining positive client listing relationships and selling homes.

2.) Mark is solution-oriented. When confronted with a challenge, Mark Gillard immediately goes to work thinking of the most affordable, effective solution.

3.) Mark always strives for creative excellence. All design is open - and should be open - to meet the challenges posed by specific realtors and specific listings. For some designers, these challenges are roadblocks to creative excellence. Mark Gillard does not believe in roadblocks. He will provide you with the product you request with creative excellence as the goal.

4.) Mark Gillard works with complete integrity. Since he works with a variety of realtors – all competing in the same field – he often hears of or offers specific marketing ideas and concepts to individual realtors. These are ideas and concepts are not shared between clients. Additionally, the nuances and information shared by a realtor's listing client and the realtor are viewed as sacrosanct and kept completely private.

5.) In the stressful world of real estate, Mark Gillard always maintains a commitment to have fun with his work enjoying positive, upbeat relationships with his clients.